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Via Olona 73, Villastanza di Parabiago, Milan 2015, IT

Italian tradition, international attitude

Reschem is an Italian company operating since 1990 in the distribution of chemical products for industrial applications, which are part of its core business.

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Reschem: Passion, Expertise and Results

Reschem distributes specialist products every day through efficient services and targeted solutions.

The commercial network is based on a widespread organisation with a team dedicated to the main industrial sectors in Italy and the Balkans. For over thirty years, Reschem’s business operations have been built on solid relationships with partners, customers and suppliers.

Focusing on people, long-term business relationships and a strong sense of belonging help us to maintain high standards of service, and enable the company to look to the future with tremendous ambition.

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Innovation: key in a changing market

Innovation is a distinguishing characteristic at Reschem. Alongside attention to detail it is part of our day-to-day work in the company. Adapting and responding quickly to local changes and global trends in the market is essential for providing customers, partners and suppliers with ongoing support.

Business knowledge and expertise, vast knowledge of the market, and the specific industry experience of sales teams ensure that the product development process, which also involves new materials and innovative technologies, is smooth and efficient.

Innovation also means safety. Logistics facilities are inspected and checked regularly by the relevant government bodies. Responsible management results in a completely efficient warehousing and dispatching system.

Achieving ambitious objectives in terms of high quality standards for the services provided is related to focusing on the supply chain, which is based first and foremost on the ability to interpret market dynamics, by updating forecasts and inventories as befits modern distribution.

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Suppliers: standards of service and responsibility

Reschem is proud of its suppliers. Working closely with international partners, who are leaders in specific production areas, guarantees high standards of service and responsibility.

Collaborating with suppliers means aligning and turning their needs and strengths into a competitive advantage in the market where we operate, creating added value.

The careful selection of suppliers enables us to offer customers a portfolio of synergistic and quality products suited to specific applications.


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Reschem Italia S.p.A.

Reschem Italia S.p.A. operates in the widespread distribution of speciality chemicals in specific industrial markets such as coatings and inks, polyurethane and plastics, polymers, detergents and textiles. The company works in partnership with leading international chemical manufacturers.

Via Olona 73, Villastanza di Parabiago, Milan 2015
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