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Safety is synonymous with responsibility.

Safety and sustainability are central to areas in which Reschem Group Italia operates. Operations are organised in consideration of social and environmental impact, with the aim of ensuring sustainable growth.

Decision-making processes therefore also consider environmental, social and ethical issues.

Competence when distributing chemicals means selecting professional, well-established haulage companies and partners, where the focus, safety protocols and personnel training meet expectations and go hand in hand with performance levels.

Since 2002

Reschem Italia has been managing hazardous chemicals since 2002, focusing specifically on awareness, training and optimising suitable procedures relating to safety in the workplace.

For this purpose, Reschem has an internal team of HQSE experts who receive continuous training, making the company a preferred partner in the management of hazardous materials.

Compliance with the Seveso legislation (defined with legislative decree 105/15) is the key differentiator at the company’s premises, which cover more than 15,000 m2 and include packaging and storage systems for liquid products and powders.

When selecting suppliers, quality and compliance with the highest HQSE standards are at the top of our selection processes.

Capability and Quality

The company’s capabilities are continually examined through the quality management system, and facilities are inspected and checked by relevant bodies to protect customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.

From the Seveso legislation through to quality control - Reschem’s best practices.

Applying the Seveso legislation enables Reschem to store and handle high-risk chemicals in suitable locations. The training and checks set out in the organisational plan and the emergency plan ensure the right level of safety for the company and surrounding communities.

The health and wellbeing of employees working for Reschem Group Italia is continually monitored, so that they can reach their full potential. There is also an area dedicated to fitness and physical wellbeing.

The mix of competence regarding safety, decades-long experience, service quality, and focus on the environment, constitutes one of Reschem Italia’s strengths.


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