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Logistics, customer care & customized re-packaging


Logistics is central to day-to-day operations at Reschem. Thanks to continuous investment in inbound and outbound systems, it is possible to supply the whole country.

The combination of rapid deliveries and warehouse capacity guarantees the efficient management of orders. Controlling processes and scheduled stock replenishment is essential for maintaining extremely high service levels.

and Quality

Reschem has a very strict quality management and control system.

Everything is aimed at optimising work flows, meeting required timescales, and maintaining the utmost safety of employees and products for the benefit of customers, suppliers and all stakeholders.


Rapid management and order dispatch, and product customisation are at the centre of Reschem’s service offering. These aims are achieved thanks to continually expanding the warehouse premises in Villastanza in Parabiago, which fully comply with the SEVESO directive. Ongoing improvement and internal auditing of supply chain procedures guarantee a quick and efficient service.

The team responsible for quality and safety contribute to prompt customer service, by providing an appropriate, satisfactory and timely response. Packaging systems are regularly upgraded to handle increasingly disparate market requirements. 

Reschem’s strengths are undoubtedly speed and customisation capability, with bespoke re-packaging in line with customer requirements. Continuous training and internal dialogue on topics such as the supply chain, services and IT, enable information to be shared quickly at the company, and technical upgrades to be implemented. 

This approach results in up-to-date logistics solutions to resolve customer supply chain issues.


The activities of our company
are organized with the aim of having
the least environmental impact.

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